Hard drive Data Recovery
Hard drive Data Recovery

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Hard Drive Data Recovery

Your data is vitally important and at Advanced IT we are experts in hard drive data recovery as well as data protection, storage and expert advice on backup, transfer and data cloning services. Cloud backup and recovery we can also help you with.

In the event of hard drive failures there are commonly two types of problems each with different solutions: Logical failures where the disks components are physically undamaged but the disk is not able to find or navigate its own data. This can be due to an accidental format or corruption of the data on the disk. The good news here is that unless the drive has been overwritten then the data still exists and we can help you recover it through a variety of means.

Secondly mechanical failures characterised often by clicking sounds or complete silence from the disk (and it does not get warm to the touch). In these cases we can often still assist you but it is best to take the drive to us for diagnosis and advice.

We also assist with data recovery when damaged by viruses or malware and in many cases can unscramble and recover your data fully. Likewise corrupt data can be repaired bringing your disk back to new condition which helps increase the speed of your computer significantly.

Our technicians have years of experience dealing with all types of data recovery and protection, both for the home user and professional business raid and multibank storage systems. We are experts in dealing with all brands of storage units including Dell, HP, Seagate, Western Digital, Kingston, Crucial, Samsung and many more and we have the professional tools and software needed to work with the equipment from these companies.

Importantly your recovered data is always treated with the utmost privacy and confidentiality and we also provide discrete data disposal and destruction services when needed.

Hard drive and data recovery is just one of the many areas of expertise we can help you with so contact us today to discuss any issue and for free advice.

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