Barcelona PC Repair
Barcelona PC Repair

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Barcelona PC Repair

Advanced IT provides PC & computer repair and IT Support for personal PC's, business computers and laptops citywide in Barcelona. We can repair and upgrade most brands of PC’s, laptops and macs on the market including Samsung, Acer, IBM, Dell, Compaq, IBM, Toshiba, Apple, Asus, Sony and many more.

We can help you repair broken screens, fix color settings, replace laptop & pc motherboards, install memory upgrades with memory modules, repair and replace hard drives - even with faster or larger models. We can advise and take care of security with virus and malware removal and protection.

We can come to your home location, business offices or yacht within Barcelona and have friendly English speaking technicians available in your area, usually the same day if urgent. Our offices are also centrally located for you to visit on request to have your equipment serviced efficiently and quickly. If your computer is outdated, we can advise you about the available upgrade options at the lowest costs available that can add years of life to your computer or simply advise you on how to get the best performance and speed from your equipment or wifi network.

Microsoft, Kaspersky & Peplink partners our PC repair technicians are qualified with 10 years of expert experience in the industry both in the UK and Spain and we support the international community as expert problem solvers who can assist with most all technical issues quickly and efficiently at the lowest cost to you. Whether a software or hardware related issue we are troubleshooting experts dedicated to get you back up and running again quickly. We are also professional data recovery experts and can transfer, backup and recover lost data for you and advise or provide full backup solutions to suit all purposes, including cloud services as well as local and portable hard disks and raid configurations.

Service we provide: IT Support for all personal PC's, business computers and laptops, Computer crashes and prevention, Laptop repairs, motherboard replacement and upgrades, battery replacement, computer sales advice and laptop advice of all kinds, broadband Internet and wireless installation, wifi and network setup, configuration and security & firewall experts, software and hardware installations, data recovery, data transfer, virus removal and protection, malware removal, help with setting up a computer, Windows 7, 8 and Windows 10 help, Microsoft Office 365 help, Cloud help and support including setting up Cloud services and migration of data to the cloud and Cloud management services, assistance when the computer will not start, safe data removal and storage including portable drives and raid disks, discrete and confidential service at all times.

It is highly recommended to perform a thorough scan through a reliable anti-virus software at least once every month and also to keep the anti-virus software updated. If you think your machine is infected then never compromise your private information and make sure that it is protected as soon as possible. A virus or Spyware in your laptop or computer can slow it down considerably and expose your personal data. If your computer is infected with Spyware it could steal private information stored on your hard disk such as bank login information, files, and passwords. A computer infected with virus shows many common issues like unnecessary freezing, slow performance, frequent crashes and other similar problems. If you need pc repair in Barcelona for your laptop or computer that is infected with a virus then we can identify it quickly.
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